Equine Colic Relief – ECR


Product Description

Kelp and Irish Sea Moss is quickly absorbed through the lining of the horse’s stomach to enter the bloodstream. These ingredients working with the horse’s body fluids help soften and soften the impaction. Performance horses test drug free.

A combination of ingredients: Kelp and Irish Sea Moss, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium D, Peppermint Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, and Purified Water Molasses for flavor and Sorbitol for sweetness.

All of the ingredients separately are approved for human or animal consumption by the FDA and can do no harm. Made in Canada and sold Worldwide.


Through technology, this is the new way to treat colic. Colic is the #1 killer of horses, because the old convention way to treat colic is not working. ECR is a natural product that “Can Do No Harm” to be given orally; the horse just swallows.

Each part of the ECR formula works until the effect of colic is repaired and the bout is stopped.

Part 1 – Breaks down non-living organic and inorganic matter such as hay , grass, feed, dirt and sand. It quickly softens fecal impactions to a semi-liquid state without harming any living tissues.

Part 2 – Draws excess fluid from within the body into the dehydrated bowels where it’s needed. Once proper hydration in the tissues is restored, the bowels begin to function properly once more.

Part 3 – Restores the electrolytes needed by the bowel muscles to regain their motility. In turn, this allows the now semi-liquid impaction to begin to move toward elimination.

Part 4 – Dissipates gas. This deflates the painful distended bowels and stomach tissue. The semi-liquid fecal matter & gas are then passed and the colic is stopped in unison.


Equine Colic Relief immediately goes to work to gently stop colic and start the gut moving within 10 – 30 minutes.

YOU WILL ACTUALLY HEAR bowel sounds return within 30 minutes on both sides of the horse’s abdomen.

Many horses have actually been documented to have returned to competition in the arena, show ring, or race track only hours after the bout has ended!

What Is the Difference

“Normal” & “Abnormal” Colic?

A “normal bout of colic” is considered a food impaction, light sand, gas or spasmodic.

An “abnormal bout of colic” is horse with bowels that are twisted, torsion, knotted, ruptured or blocked by foreign object (like eating plastic bag, etc.) excessive sand, gravel, stones, tumors or infected bowels. ECR cannot help with these.

Manufacturer’s Statement that “It Has Never Failed To End A Normal Bout Of Colic” is based on the product’s spotless record in ending a light sand or fecal impaction, impaction based gas distention and mild spasmodic colic.

NOTICE: During a normal bout of colic you will hear returning and/or stronger bowel sounds, within 10 – 30 minutes on both sides of your horse’s abdomen. If no sounds return or no bilateral sounds are heard, your equine is having an ABNORMAL BOUT OF COLIC and requires a vet. Our product cannot and will not correct equines whose bowels are twisted, torsion, knotted, ruptured, blocked by objects, excessive sand, gravel, stones or tumors, are experiencing heavy spasms or infected. Nor can ECR always help an equine who remains symptomatic 1-2 days after a vet diagnosed and treated them conventionally for an impaction.

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