Product Description

Equi-Sure is an all-natural supplement designed to increase overall health, as well as to support your horses during periods of stress and disease. Equi-Sure increases appetite and water consumption and can be used to combat digestive ailments including colic and diarrhea.  Equi-Sure is proven to reduce the signs of ulcers in horses when used as directed.

Equi-Sure was developed by horsemen to fill a need for a natural treatment for illness in their equine operations. They needed something that was all-natural, cost effective, and effective in supporting their horses’ immune systems during times of illness and stress.

Field tests have shown reduced ulcers and disease in horses treated with Equi-Sure and it is also proven to reduce stress and support the immune system.

Equi-Sure is used by top barrel racers as an overall maintenance program to keep her horses healthy and performing well, as well as for reducing signs of ulcers while hauling.

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